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Formally known as New Day Chiropractic, New Day Wellness is located in downtown Rocky Mount, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. New Day Chiropractic was established in April 2016 by Dr. Chesten Cantrell and renamed New Day Wellness in April 2024.

Our goal at New Day Wellness is to work with you to provide gentle, individualized, high-quality care so you are able to continue being active and enjoying your spectacular life. All sessions are by appointment only and Dr. Cantrell does not accept insurance.

Principles at New Day Wellness are:
1) The body is miraculous.
2) Structure determines function.
3) Movement is life.
4) Everything is interconnected, including Body-Mind-Spirit. They all influence and affect one another.
5) Nervous system regulation is crucial to our health. a) Relaxing the nervous system (and in turn other systems of the body) helps the body go into a healing state and help the nervous system regulate. b) Levels of stress and stress management affect our entire body.

We welcome all people of all ages from all walks of life to join us on our journey to strive for a healthy life filled with joy. Whether you are a person seeking relief from pain or a person looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all are welcome here. All of the therapies offered at New Day Wellness can help with:
* Improved body awareness/increased proprioception
* Improved body movement/increased flexibility
* Improved circulation
* Improved digestion
* Improved immune system function
* Improved quality of life
* Improved sleep
* Pain reduction/relief
* Relaxation/lower stress

Remember, every day is a new opportunity to improve your life.

In-Person Appointments available:
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